Do you know the latest evidence
about neonatal transitions?

Why Karen’s workshop is DIFFERENT

Karen’s workshop covers neonatal transitional physiology (delayed cord clamping), the evidence-based studies behind the AAP/NRP guidelines such as the use of 100% O2, pulse oximetry, babies born through meconium stained waters, thermal management, all pertaining to the newborn etc.

She articulates a broader understanding of how to think about resuscitating a newborn, explaining the resuscitation process with clarity and thoroughness.

She will illustrate how babies clear the fluid from their lungs in the birth process and what to do when there is a problem.

The workshop demonstrates the inherent wisdom embedded in birth; physically, psychologically and emotionally. She shares her “Simple Tools” for helping babies when things do not go as planned.

Get the NRP card

This workshop includes the latest from the AAP/NRPTM (The American Academy of Pediatrics/Neonatal Resuscitation Program).
Karen covers more than the normal hospital based AAP/NRPTM, many of her attendants work not only in hospitals and birth centers but also in the out-of- the-hospital setting.

All information presented applies wherever birth occurs, plus specific information is given for out of hospital situations.

This class does fulfill the requirements for AAP/NRPTM.

You get the same card you would get if you took NRPTM at the hospital.

Who I am

Karen Strange, Certified Professional Midwife, lecturer and educator. She has been an AAP/NRPTM instructor since 1991 and has taught over 7,000 people worldwide.

Karen proficiently translates the physiology of neonatal resuscitation and neonatal transition.  She is very gifted in her ability to present birth from the baby’s perspective as well as create an understanding of resuscitating newborns at birth.  She adeptly demonstrates the skills necessary in neonatal resuscitation in a non-traumatizing, easy-to-remember way.

A passionate lecturer of the baby’s experience of birth, helping you see through the eyes of the newborn, transforming what you thought you knew.

She loves sharing her “Simple Tools” to help babies (children and adults) integrate what happens to them before, during and after birth.

What People are Saying

"Thank you Karen, Each time I take the class not only do I learn something intellectually, I can feel a new sense of knowing in my body. This may sound strange, but after 25 years of attending births from apprenticeship to midwife, from home birth to hospital to birth center and back to home birth, I think that I have taken for granted how wonderful home birth/undisturbed birth is for the babies. I always did this work for the women, helping them to strengthen their instincts and inner confidence and walk into motherhood stronger. But even with a birth that needs some management, the babies benefit so much by being able to stay with their mommy or Daddy. I saw you in the middle of a 9 birth month, way over my 3-4 per month full time schedule I usually have. But I learned things that i immediately implemented, for example I really heard that if a baby’s crying, it’s in distress. Even I used to say, “listen to those strong lungs!” OY. So, thank you thank you thank you. Hope our paths cross again soon, Love and Thanks, Barri"

- Barri Malek 6/8/14

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