Rock Hill, SC 8/24/18

2 person resus demo.JPG
2 person resus demo.JPG

Rock Hill, SC 8/24/18


Registration is managed by Birth Junkies. Please register and pay by clicking HERE

Friday, August 24 2018: 8:45am - 4:45pm

Camp Cannan
3111 Sand Island Road
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Carolina Birth Junkies (Lori Gibson)

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Registration is managed by Birth Junkies. Please register and pay by clicking HERE

There are some changes from AAP/NRP as of January 1, 2017. Here's what you need to know...

For 2017 Workshops:

  1. Register and pay for Karen's workshop on this site.
  2. After you register and once the workshop is guaranteed you will receive an email saying the workshop is guaranteed and you can make reservations (if that applies to you) and you can begin to take the online portion of the workshop. Directions will be sent again once that occurs.
  3. Read the 7th Edition Textbook
  4. Once you receive email notification that the class is guaranteed you'll log into AAP/NRP 7th Edition LMS and set up your HealthStream ID
  5. Complete the 7th Edition Online Exam, eSim, and evaluation
  6. After completing Part 1 (exam, eSim, and evaluation), then to complete Part 2, you MUST 'Choose and Event' for the 'Instructor-Led (Hands-On Session) Live Event' on HealthStream - to register for Karen's class on HealthStream
  7. Print your CE certificate which can be found here on HealthStream and bring it to Karen's workshop
  8. Once you receive the post workshop email, you can view or print your eCard on HealthStream (about a week after the class)

The new process is quite involved and takes more time to complete than the old online exam. Please plan on a minimum of 6-8 hours to go through the whole process (setting up HealthStream ID, online exam, eSim, evaluation, choosing an instructor led event). Check out our Book & Testing page for more info.

Karen has created a detailed video walkthru to take you all the way through the process. (View video below) If you have any questions please contact