Knowing that many people find it difficult to discuss complications is the next step in growing from an experience.

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What is a debrief?

Karen provides one-on-one case reviews or debrief with anyone who has taken her class (and some that have not) regarding resuscitation experiences. These sessions review some history, what happened, the response and actions, and the outcome.

In other professions, this process is often known as supervision or professional review, and immensely helpful in professional and personal growth.

Doing a debrief allows us to “make sense” of what happened and unpack the sequence of events leading up to the resuscitation. It can be helpful to talk to someone who knows the terrain. Karen has done 900+ hours of debriefs and is familiar with the sense of fear that often comes up after experiencing a resuscitation, regardless of the outcome.

What to expect during a debrief:

  • 45-90 minute phone call with Karen

  • You tell the story of the events leading up to the resuscitation

  • Identify sequence of events, action and responses, strategies for the future

  • You can ask Karen questions

When to do a debrief:

  • After a resuscitation experience (regardless of your role at the birth)

    • i.e. person in charge, assistant, student, witness, parent, anyone who was present at the birth

  • After good or poor outcome

Why do a debrief:

  • To reflect, gain clarity, and make sense of what happened during the resuscitation

  • Improves clinical skills, confidence, recall, and action response time

  • Helps avoid burnout! - Talking about an experience helps you reflect and make sense of what you did well and what could be done differently. Helps you respond appropriately and removes future hesitation.

  • Build understanding and evaluate professional boundaries

  • Helps you tune into intuitive knowing - "Intuition as Authoritative Knowledge, in Midwifery and Homebirth" - Robbie Davis-Floyd, Medical Anthropology Quarterly. As defined by Jordan (1992, 1993[1978]), "authoritative knowledge motivates decision and action."

  • You'll feel better! - Most people report feeling much better after doing a debrief with Karen

Recommended Donation for Karen's Time and Expertise: $100
If the recommended donation amount is not affordable, please donate what you can afford.(Similar professional reviews called “supervison” reviews typically cost $150-$350)


After your case debrief session, please take a moment to fill out the feedback form.