Karen synthesizes information from both the US and the UK in a very holistic way, making the information more applicable than just reading the book.
— Melanya Gonshorowski

“I appreciated the detailed instruction, the group approach, and the friendly atmosphere. The whole process (of neonatal resuscitation) is much clearer. I feel a lot more confident that I would not be too fearful [of neonatal resuscitation]… Thank you for dedicating your time to teach and go the extra mile with all the added information!" -- class attendant, St Paul, MN

Karen’s class is so fantastic! Changed the way I view birth and I feel good about my newborn resuscitation skills.
— class attendant, Seattle, WA

“Best class EVER. you will be amazed at how much deeper and simpler the whole process is, how easy it can be, how it feels to be doing this just being yourself. Have needed to resuscitate 3 times, and it almost felt like an honor, a great gift, because of the perspective Karen shared. 8 NRPs in 15 years, 3 with Karen. Worth every $." -- Laurie Gallo

"Taking Karen’s NRP course I expected the standard neonatal resuscitation, and was thrilled to get so much more… Karen’s unique combination of perinatal and prenatal psychology teaching with the practical skills of evidence-based neonatal resuscitation is both empowering and thought provoking. I left with a truly holistic understanding of birth from the baby’s perspective that has changed my midwifery practice and much less fear around resuscitation… I have had neonatal resuscitation training in the UK before, but have never felt as grounded in my knowledge and well equipped to deal with a resuscitation situation as I have since Karen’s classroom… I cannot recommend this class highly enough… worth every penny!" -- Suyai, CNM, New York

“This information in this workshop is profound. Karen is an outstanding teacher with great heart.
— Ellie Lee, NC
Take a Karen Strange class and you will walk out with your mind blown and it complete awe of our design.
— Meredith Love-Affair

"Yesterday I spent the day with a bunch of smart midwives and Gail Hart, and halfway through the day, Karen Strange joined in, doing midwifery updates on evidence based care with Gail. We were up late. It was fantastic. But then up early again for Karen’s awesome class on Newborn Transition and neonatal resuscitation. It is so so full of information, and so valuable when faced in real life with helping a baby transition from birth." -- Courtney

“I love that you bring new insights every time! I learn new ideas each class. Always worth coming back. It’s like a journey.” She was asked, how she feels about resuscitation now. She responded, “Always nervous, good reminder to grow.” -- class attendant, St. Paul, MN

Neonatal Resuscitation today with Karen Strange! Love your class Karen! Thank you. Breath 2,3! The most important thing to remember is to ventilate the lungs!
— Kelley Daniel

"I encourage anyone who is doing birth work to take Karen Strange‘s workshop! I learned so much and Karen has a way of teaching that inspires you and helps you understand the transition of a newborn!! Excellent workshop!" -- Wendy Hinz

"Appreciation and gratitude to you.  All the miles you trek and inconveniences you endure to make a poignant difference in the welcome of these new lives we are entrusted to serve.  Your work matters on so many levels K, thank you, thank you THANK YOU on behalf of all of us!" -- Dahlia

Had tons of fun today at NRP with Karen Strange. Great class that goes beyond simple mechanics to look at the baby’s birth & resuscitation experience holistically.
— Angelique Hearthside

"Thank YOU for continuing to teach such a fantastic class!!! I took it for the first time 7 years ago just as I was beginning my journey to midwifery and now I am living overseas so was thrilled that the class was while I was visiting my other home. All of what you teach is so valuable, thank you thank you!" -- Amanda

As a Birth Assistant I had to take NRP workshops. Always wishing to never have to resuscitate a baby, because (despite having my “NRP certification”) I felt ill equipped and not confident with my abilities to resuscitate a newborn. But after the workshop, though I still hope to not have to resuscitate a baby, I feel confident and competent that I know what to do." -- Shalawn Facey

NRP with Karen Strange: I love, love, love her class.
— Laura Hooper

"I want to let you know that what you teach in the class has had an impact on the way I am with woman and baby. I have been working in Haiti at an International clinic and every birth that I attend as a midwife I allow the mom and baby to ‘find each other’ without my help or interference. It has been a wonderful experience." -- midwife, Haiti

"This is the single best course offered in newborn transition from womb to air-breathing, and the most fascinating day of education around newborn physiology and motherbaby psychology. Even if I wasn’t attending births I would be going to this class. Even if I had no part in newborn resuscitation I would be going to this class. YOU should be going to this class!" -- Brandee Cooper Kandle

Karen’s is different and really focused on home birth. The class is worth the cost and then good for two years.
— Kay Thanawala

"It was really awesome, very confidence-based, not fear-based. Karen Strange did a wonderful job and I fully recommend the class. Her focus on looking through the eyes of the baby really awakens you, not only to what we often find problems with in birth, but also one step further and stops us from being complacent about what we do to babies." -- Shannon Mitchell

I took the NRP class on Thursday as you know and the following Friday I had my first infant resuscitation. The baby is fine and doing well, I couldn’t have been more grateful for the class.
— Kate

"I am so grateful for who you are, and what you do… and every single cent I spent on your class was worth it! Midwives, doulas, birth workers, regardless of where you attend births, if you have not yet taken Karen’s class, don’t be a fool like me and think they are all pretty much alike, her class is mind and behavior altering… oh yeah, and you get trained in NRP, too!" -- Anji Church from Vermont

I have been to many NRP provider courses in my career. This is the only one where I left feeling less fear than before. Usually the courses induce fear & confusion instead.
— Whitney Hall, Brooklyn, NY

"I am in nursing school eventually to become a midwife, I have taken your class twice now. Last week I spent my clinical day in the CCU. We ended up doing CPR on an elderly gentleman, and I wanted to thank you for your advise. I actually felt like my head was floating upward  when we started, but then I remembered your advice, and it worked. I was able to focus on what I was doing and keep calm. I just wanted to say thank you, because you helped me to through a difficult time. The tools you taught me helped me stay focused and calm." -- class attendant, NJ

Your class really truly is phenomenal.
— Julie Denlinger, Spokane, WA

"My mind is completely blown. I am very thankful for all of your messages and skill sets and your validation of the power of presence as healing whilst also giving practical action steps to help when help is warranted. Sometimes I feel so frustrated and crazy for thinking about things and trying to understand why we do them the way when do when we create so many of our own problems. It was refreshing to “hear” the UKs version of things. Common sense feels like a super power nowadays. I feel safer with people like you in the world teaching what you’re teaching." -- Jennifer Kara

Loved all of it…… because it’s like coming home – all the ideas I have always felt about birth but felt out of place in the hospital setting.
— Jennie Koch, Amherst, MA

"I learned a lot from your class!  I had thought about newborn (and pre-born)  consciousness prior to your class,  but my thinking didn’t affect my actions much because I lacked conviction.  Your input, information,  and common sense approach has placed me on a new path with strength and power now behind my decision to show respect and fullness of humanity to our newborn and pre-born babies. Also, I so much appreciate your teaching on leaving behind my own experience or finding my center place at this new birth so that I can embrace what’s happening to be fully present rather than reliving my past. It is rich teaching and I feel like it’s really what I needed to hear right now – hit me valuable for the rest of my living and family and social interactions as well. I look forward to seeing you again and wish you joy and peace on your path." -- Jaymarie Jach

This was my first NRP and I was so overwhelmed with the idea after taking the online exam, but LOVED the class & feel so relieved & prepared.
— Jessica Koopmans, Portland, OR