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Attending births can bring up many feelings that may catch us off guard and impact us in our daily lives, including disrupting our sleep. Difficult, complicated or poor outcome births can often leave us feeling bad, bring up uncomfortable feelings, and make it difficult going to or being at births. One may feel disturbing sensations or thoughts before, during or after a birth. It’s important that we care for ourselves, so we can care for our clients. Consider getting some support to help your nervous system makes sense of why this is happening and how to move through it. Here are some resources I, and other birth professionals, have found helpful. Feel free to pass them on. 


Ray Castellino, DC, RPP, RPE, RCST®

Castellino Prenatal and Birth Training
Baby and family sessions in Ojai, California
Small group Womb Surrounds
Phone support for parents, adults, and professionals
Presentations and seminars world wide

myrna martin

Myrna Martin, MN, RCC, RCST®

Pre and Perinatal Practitioner Training
Residential Intensives in Nelson, BC
Process Workshops world wide
Skype and phone sessions


Mary Jackson, RN, LM, RCST®

Homebirth midwifery in Ojai, CA
Private sessions in person and Skype
Certified Castellino Process Workshop Leader
Castellino Pre and Perinatal Training
Pre and Perinatal Training with Charisse Basquin, DC - see the flyer here

prenatal birth attachment clinic berkeley

Prenatal Birth & Attachment Clinic

Practitioner collective in Berkeley, CA
Sessions for families, adults and care providers
Prenatal Birth & Attachment Therapy
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Kristin Sipley

Individual and Family Coach, Consultant, and Educator
Certified Womb Surround Workshop Facilitator
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
Reiki Practitioner & Energetic Bodyworker


Bonnie Davis, RCST®

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
Perinatal Educator & Counsellor
Sessions for families and adults in Vancouver, BC
Skype sessions
Parental and professional educational seminars


Chanti Smith, CPM, LM, SEP®

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®
Castellino Pre and Perinatal Birth Therapy Practitioner
Skype sessions
Birthing Yourself Womb Surround Workshops
Craniosacral Therapy & Bodywork
Acupressure & Holistic Pelvic Care™
Classes and webinars
50% off your first session!


Elsa Asher, MS, CD(DONA)

Prenatal, Birth and Attachment Therapy Pratitioner
Full-Spectrum Doula
Sessions in the Bay Area & Skype
Process Workshops
Webinars and workshops



Board Certified Massage Therapist
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
Infant Massage Instructor
Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner
Sessions in Charlottesville, VA & Skype
Contact: / 434-996-2002


Mia Kalef, DC

Chiropractor (Ret.)
Prebirth and Birth Therapist & Craniosacral Therapist
In person, Skype, and group sessions
Hearing Our Song Prebirth & Birth Healing Workshop
Keynote presentations


Carrie Contey, PHD

Parenting Coach
PhD in Perinatal & Prenatal Psychology
Offers online programs to support parents


Anna Chitty

Biodynamic Canioacral Therapy Foundation Program Advanced Courses. John has passed.
Private sessions in Boulder, Colorado and on Skype



Educators Certificate program
Annual conferences