Interested in bringing Karen to your area? becoming a sponsor!

Karen travels around the US, and occasionally internationally, to offer her unique NRP workshop. Behind each workshop is an individual from the area that helps Karen with all aspects of the workshop: a sponsor.

As a sponsor, you will:

  • if Karen is coming for just one class, you need a minimum of 25-30 registrants that actually sign up (this takes into consideration that often 2-8 people cancel on the day of class due to births or illness) by 3 weeks prior to the workshop date. So when thinking ahead, you should be able to account for at least that many as usually not all of them will actually register.

  • if Karen is doing more than one workshop in an area (say 4 or 5 hours apart) then each location must have 20 participants registered by 3 weeks prior to the 1st class in the series (this is the last date by which Karen can buy her plane ticket) in order to guarantee the workshop.

  • provide housing and all transportation for Karen, while she’s in town (unless Karen is staying in a hotel and/or renting a car)

Before the workshop, you will:

  • set a workshop date with Karen

  • secure a workshop location

  • spread the word and advertise the workshop, we give you links for brochures and Facebook postings

  • accept and sign for the FedEx delivery of Karen’s equipment

    • it is important to know that it takes 5 days (not including weekends) for her equipment to travel from one location to another via fedex plus a day for the equipment to ship and 1 day for it to arrive.

  • help to set up, the day before the workshop

The day of the workshop, you will:

  • arrive early to help finish setup and help with registration

  • help with breakdown

  • clean the workshop space

  • help load Karen's car if she has one with equipment to go to Fedex or other location

  • drop off Karen’s equipment at FedEx, immediately after the class


For more detailed information about sponsoring a workshop, please read the Sponsor Contract.

International Workshops

Karen absolutely loves bringing her workshop to new locations, including internationally. Besides teaching throughout the continental US, Karen has taught in Alaska, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Portugal and Hawaii.

Bringing Karen’s workshop internationally, or outside the continental US, takes a little more planning. These workshops also cost more to put on, due to travel and transportation costs of the immense amount of equipment she brings for the skills portion of the workshop .

In addition to the details found in the Sponsor Contract the following should be considered:

  • Typically, a minimum of people must register, in order for Karen to teach the class. (2-8 of registrants cancel the day of the workshop, due to births or illness.) This would be determined after assessing travel costs.

  • Karen must fly with all her equipment (6+ LARGE suitcases), in addition to her personal belongings. (Typically the first bag is free, but additional suitcases are $150 each, keep in mind payment is needed both way.) My last international flight baggage cost was an additional $1,300 to the cost of the flight.

  • The additional costs are added into the workshop fee, paid per registered person.

  • For international workshops a flat fee can be negotiated to include travel and expenses (including extra baggage).

  • Someone must be assigned to Karen to help with pick from the airport and all traveling within the country.

  • For ALL workshops, set up must occur the day before the workshop as it takes several hours to put lungs into the dolls and set up the room. It cannot be done the morning of the workshop.

The American Academy of Pediatrics/Neonatal Resuscitation Program (AAP/NRP) does not offer their card to any classes taught off of US soil. Any neonatal resuscitation workshop taught by Karen outside the US will receive a certificate of completion from Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn.


For more detailed information about sponsoring a workshop, please read the Sponsor Contract.