Knowing that many people find it difficult to discuss complications is the next step in growing from this experience.

Karen is available to do case reviews or debrief with anyone who has taken her class (and possibly someone that has not) regarding resuscitation experiences. These sessions review some history, what happened leading up to what was done and the outcome.

These case reviews/debriefs, provides the individual with a safe setting to reflect and process the experience. Reviewing the experience can be very helpful to the individual who performed the resuscitation, as well as for those who witnessed, whether they are a parent, midwife, doula, birth assistant, etc, regardless of where the resuscitation was performed. For the birth professional, discussing the experience can lead to clarity regarding what happened and how to proceed in future resuscitations. In other professions, this process is often known as supervision, and immensely helpful in professional and personal growth.

Doing a debrief is not about shortcomings but rather going over what happened which helps integrate the experience. Every birth has something to learn from and needs to be integrated.  Normal beautiful birth touches us so deeply naturally.  Then when we have an  especially intense one with a terrible or difficult outcome it can really impact us to our core.  Doing a debrief allows us to unpack some of what happened and helps us “make sense” of what happened with clarity about what to do if it happens in the future.

Karen has had extensive experience in doing these reviews which began as part of her training as a midwife. She has had experience in training many student midwives and as the clinical director at a high volume birth center, then as chairperson of the Complaint Review Committee at the Texas Department of Health Midwifery Board. Karen has provided over 900 hours of debriefs, thus far.

Karen offers these case debriefs at no cost. Donations are accepted through PayPal. Case debrief calls last between 45 -90 minutes. Click "Schedule Now" or email Karen directly to schedule a time to talk.

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