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Karen's Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn (IRN) Workshop covers the traditional AAP/NRP course of completion material, while incorporating published research regarding neonatal resuscitation. 

She articulates a broader understanding of how to think about resuscitating a newborn, explaining the resuscitation process with clarity and thoroughness. Karen illustrates how babies clear the fluid from their lungs in the birth process and what to do when there is a problem.

Karen is an AAP/NRP Instructor and this workshop does fulfill the requirements for the AAP/NRP card. To learn more about this process, read about AAP/NRP Booking & Testing Information. Each workshop costs $260 per student, unless otherwise noted.

This workshop takes you beyond the basic AAP/NRP training and teaches you: When, Why and How to Breathe for a Baby at Birth. 

The transition babies experience as they emerge from the womb and become air breathers is often not well understood by many birth professionals. This workshop creates a clear visual image and understanding of what is happening for the baby, as she takes her first breaths and shifts from oxygenating through the placenta/cord to beginning to use her lungs and breathing air. The successful adaptation to extrauterine life is the necessity of clearing fetal lung fluid. All babies must experience this transition at birth, regardless of cord status.

Throughout this lively and engaging workshop, participants learn when, why and how they need to assist a newborn in respiratory distress or in need of neonatal resuscitation. They learn all the steps necessary when presented with a newborn in respiratory distress, or not breathing, with or without an adequate heartbeat. All taught in the least traumatic way.

Information is presented from the perspective that you may be the only knowledgeable and skilled professional* (doctor, nurse, midwife, etc.) in attendance. These skills are relevant in all birth settings: home, clinic, hospital, birth centers, city, rural or resource poor parts of the world.


  • neonatal transitional physiology (science behind optimal cord clamping)

  • use of 100% O2 and pulse oximetry in relation to neonatal resuscitation

  • meconium/suctioning (new evidence-based studies)

  • critical ability to secure an open airway

  • steps necessary to create an adequate seal

  • different methods of clearing airway (eg. bulb/delee)

  • bag-mask vs. mouth-to-mouth demo, discussion (benefits, uses and purposes)

  • thermal management of the compromised newborn

  • preventing ventilatory induced lung injury

  • stimulation: how much is necessary

  • when/how to do chest compressions

  • understanding the nervous system and its impact on emergency skills

online sections INCLUDE:

Now online and as part of the workshop fee you will have access to Karen's online material regarding the inherent wisdom embedded in birth; physically, psychologically and emotionally. Karen shares her “Simple Tools” for helping babies when things do not go as planned.
You can get 2 extra CEU's at no charge by viewing this material. This is material not taught anywhere else and will help you support instinctual birth no matter where birth is done.

  • baby's experience of birth

  • self attachment

  • what babies are communicating

  • integration

  • how to make repair when things do not go as planned

*Please note: Karen's class DOES NOT teach specific hospital protocols, how to do a particular job, or policies related to any specific hospital. Those specifics must be obtained from the professional's place of employment or employer.

Each workshop costs $260 per student, unless otherwise noted.


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5 MEAC, 5 CAM, 5 BRN are available at Karen's workshop.
$10 each at the class and $20 each after the class. 

Additional MEAC and ACNM CEUs available for online section. More info.