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Karen teaches a neonatal resuscitation workshop using evidence based studies as its foundation and core. She incorporates the traditional AAP/NRP information, then expands on that by discussing the published research regarding neonatal resuscitation. 

Karen discusses the current AAP/NRP 2017 guidelines and the 2015 Emergency Cardiac Care Guidelines Neonatal resuscitation recommendations from which NRP is derived. She discusses topics such as thermal management, clarity about meconium, suctioning, the use of oxygen, cord clamping (neonatal transitional physiology), and much more. She speaks clearly regarding when, why and how to help a baby in respiratory distress or in need of neonatal resuscitation.

Karen also addresses what works in the out-of-hospital setting, in birth centers, and anywhere a baby is born. She enlightens her participants on how “our bodies” respond in an emergency, then instructs and helps participants practice skill sets to help them perform more efficiently.

This unique workshop is taught from the baby’s perspective, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Karen is one of the few instructors who constantly updates their teaching material, by conducting many case reviews (debriefs) with birth professionals throughout the year. This allows Karen to incorporate their various perspectives and pitfall experiences, which allows for more clarity of action.


Anyone can attend Karen’s workshop! There are no prerequisites to attend Karen's workshop.

This class is specifically designed and taught for any setting where babies are born, including hospital, birth centers and home births.  The class is suitable for MDs, EMTs, CNMs, CMs, PAs, CPMs, DEMs, RNs, doulas, birth assistants, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, students, apprentices, helpers and anyone who may be present around the time of birth, including parents.

A note about Doulas... 

"A doula who understands the resuscitation process is a doula who will more calmly accompany a family whose baby requires this intervention. I know that the theoretical and practical awareness Karen offers is invaluable because I have been "that doula" when resuscitation was needed!  During a resuscitation, the doula may be the only one who focuses on the parents and can respond to their questions. She can't do that if she is unfamiliar with the procedure.  Rather than standing at the parents side as shocked and lost as they are, she can allay their panic via her composed presence.  The birth atmosphere will change  precipitously with most resuscitations....the doula can provide constancy, a low soothing voice and explanation, thus keeping the parents present during these harrowing moments. While the medical providers offer the resuscitation...the doula can mitigate the parents' sense of impotency and desperation. Karen's course is called INTEGRATIVE resuscitation for a reason!"
- Joni Nichols doula in CA


Attending Karen’s class costs about $260 USD per person. Doula discounts and early bird discounts available. (See individual workshop registration pages for details.) Visit Upcoming Workshops and read the information for the specific workshop you're interested in.

If you need or want the AAP/NRP card you will need to take the online exam, after receiving email notification that the class is guaranteed. The fee for the exam is $35 which goes directly to AAP. Please read the AAP/NRP Book & Testing Information for more information.

Obtaining the CEUs from the class cost an additional $10. CEUS are available from Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC), California Association of Midwives (CAM), North American Registry of Midwives (NARM), and California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN).


Do not buy your plane ticket or make any reservations until the class is guaranteed by a minimum number of registrants. 

Please contact us at before you buy your ticket to verify the class you wish to attend is happening.


Karen gives a full refund due to birth, illness or death, if you call, text or email to either Karen (, the sponsor or by the morning of the class.

If no contact is made by the day of the class, a $50 fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

There is no refund for deciding to not attend on the day of class for any other reason. Karen assesses whether the number of registrants covers the immense cost of travel with all her massive amount of equipment and plans accordingly, knowing full well that in the birth field exceptions must be made therefore she does offer a full refund for anyone that cancels due to birth, illness or death by the day of class.

If you are unable to attend a workshop, and Karen is teaching other workshops in the area, you may be able to transfer your registration to a new class. Please contact Karen if you are interested in this option.

Due to the new 7th Edition LMS, if you need the NRP card, but you fail to 'Choose an Instructor-Led Event' on HealthStream before the day of the class, you will not receive a card. If you need the NRP card, but didn't 'Choose an Instructor-Led Event' and then cancel as a result of not following the directions, you will receive a 50% refund on your workshop fee to Karen's class. Please contact for more information.

If you decide you don't want the NRP card, then you may still come and enjoy Karen's workshop. Karen cannot refund any fees paid to AAP/NRP and HealthStream for the online exam.


Yes. Babies are more than welcome in the class as long as they are fairly quiet. Usually this is true of most young babies.  Older babies are okay too, as long as the mother is aware of the noise her baby may be making.   If the baby is disrupting others, it is recommended that the mother step out until the baby settles, then return to the room.


First understand that the purpose of an audit is to sit in on a class you've already attended to review the material. Karen's workshop is very different than ALL other NRP courses and therefore all new content is offered. Please read “What makes Karen's class different?” (at the top) for more information.

This workshop takes you beyond the basic AAP/NRP training. As part of this workshop attendants learn: the science behind neonatal transitional physiology, the use of O2, pulse oximetry in the out of hospital setting, a clear perspective on meconium and meconium protocols, a deep confidence about when, why and how to breathe for a newborn that is either not breathing or not breathing well in the least traumatic way.

Because this is new material, new information, new perspective it is not an audit.

If you have taken Karen's workshop within the last 6 months and would like to attend again as an audit, please contact her directly at


A great reason for doulas to attend this workshop is that is will provide information about birth that is not taught in doula trainings.  This information will help the doula understand what is actually happening when a resuscitation occurs in the hospital or at home and will be able to convey and help the parents understand what is happening. It will help the doula stay grounded and not filled with fear during a resuscitation.  She will be knowledgable about common occurrences of birth such as what meconium in the waters means and what to expect, why O2 is used, how to help a baby if you are the only one there when the baby comes and it needs help.

ONLY birth professions who hold the title doula (and only doula as their title) and do not need an NRP card can register for the workshop for $195 (plus venue fee, if applicable). Doula only price option must be selected at time of registration and cannot be changed to doula price after registration or on the day of the workshop. Doula pricing is available to those who ONLY hold the title doula. Doula pricing is NOT available for: midwives, retired midwives, student midwives, apprentice midwives, birth assistants, anyone who holds dual credentials, those that already have a card and just want the information, or those that want the card at first but then decide the test is too hard, difficult or more work than planned and now just wants the doula pricing. Deposit and payment plan options are available for doula pricing.

The doula will leave with new tools, knowledge and confidence! All information is applicable to her work as a doula in or out of the hospital. She can be prepared for every birth, even when things don't go as planned.

If you are someone that already has a card then please read I already have a card.


Karen’s workshop is a great class for anyone present around the time of birth, whether or not they are seeking the AAP/NRP card. Read here for what makes Karen's class different.

The class is not about the card and covers way more than the NRP card. If you need or want the AAP/NRP card read below "How Do I Get The NRP Card" when you pay for the class it is not "the card" you are paying for but rather the information, perspective and experience Karen offers in the class.  Regardless of whether or not you already have an NRP card, the material covered in Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn workshop will be above and beyond what was taught in any other NRP courses, therefore payment (cost of the workshop) is the same whether or not you have or need an NRP card.


For those who want/need the AAP/NRP 7th Edition Provider Card, you must:

  1. Register and pay for Karen's workshop on this site.

  2. Read the 7th Edition Textbook (all 11 chapters are now included)

  3. Once you receive email notification that the class is guaranteed, you'll log into AAP/NRP 7th Edition LMS and set up your HealthStream ID

  4. Complete the 7th Edition Online Exam, eSim, and evaluation

  5. After completing Part 1 (exam, eSim, and evaluation), then to complete Part 2, you MUST 'Choose and Event' for the 'Instructor-Led (Hands-On Session) Live Event' on HealthStream - to register for Karen's class on HealthStream

  6. Print your CE certificate and it to Karen's workshop

  7. Once you receive the post workshop email, you can view or print your eCard on HealthStream (about a week after the class)

The new process is quite involved and takes more time to complete than the old online exam. Please plan on a minimum of 6-8 hours to go through the whole process (setting up HealthStream ID, online exam, eSim, evaluation, choosing an instructor led event). Check out our Book & Testing page for more info.

Karen has created a detailed video walkthru to take you all the way through the process. (View video here) If you have any questions please contact


For 2017 Workshops, we are using the AAP/NRP 7th Edition Textbook.

Check out our Book & Testing page for more detailed info.


This is a great class for any professional working in any birth setting, including home, birth center, or hospital births.

Please be advised, Karen’s class DOES NOT teach specific hospital protocols, how to do a particular job, or policies related to any specific hospital. Those specifics must be obtained from the professional’s place of employment or employer.


Yes! CEU certificates are available at the workshop at an additional $10 for MEAC and BRN CEU certificates are available for $25 (CEU certificates are not included in workshop fee). 5.5 contact hours are available from Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC) and California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). Note that North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) accepts MEAC CEU’s.

CEU certificates are available at the workshop at $10 for MEAC or $25 for BRN and after the workshop at $20 for MEAC or $35 for BRN. Contact to purchase CEUs from a past workshop you've attended.

An additional 2 (FREE!) CEUs are available after viewing Karen's online videos which are included in the workshop fee.

NARM no longer accepts CEU's for NRP because it is a required course.  The Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn Workshop, (which includes NRP and covers much more than NRP) has been approved for 5.5 CEU's.

The 11.5 CEUs available for the NRP online exam, (HealthStream) cannot be used for NARM licensure (because it is a required for licensure of the CPM)

Webinars have 0.1 CEU (1 contact hour) available for each webinar. To receive CEU certificate, you must complete all requirements including video, quiz, evaluation, and required additional information. 


Yes. If you've attended one of Karen Strange's class in the past 2 years, then you can request a replacement card. Karen cannot issue cards taught by other instructors. 

Replacement NRP cards are available for a $10 fee. Please visit Lost NRP Card to submit a request.


Karen Strange cannot be held responsible for natural disasters, weather, labor strikes, acts of war or other events that may cause any workshops to be rescheduled. Karen Strange reserves the right to postpone the workshop to another time, date and location, if necessary. In the event of a workshop cancellation, refunds will be issued. Registrants may also transfer their fees toward any other Karen Strange workshop.

Karen Strange does not teach specific hospital protocols, how to do a particular job, or policies related to any specific hospital. Those specifics must be obtained from the professional’s place of employment or employer.

The Neonatal Resuscitation Textbook 7th Edition Pg. xii states that Completion Does Not Imply Competence. “The Neonatal Resuscitation Program is an educational program that introduces the concepts and basic skills of neonatal resuscitation. Completion of the program does not imply that an individual has the competence to perform neonatal resuscitation. Each hospital is responsible for determining the level of competence and qualifications required for someone to assume clinical responsibility for neonatal resuscitation.”

The views and opinions expressed by Karen Strange are her own and may not represent the views and opinions held by AAP/NRP, or any other organization.

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